Friday, May 15, 2015

Historical Context - Post #3 - Guilherme

  1. What is the role of conformity and nonconformity in the novel, and how does this connect to the historical setting of the text?  

In this book conformity and non-conformity have two really big roles. In the book characters obey orders and follow standards set to them since the moment they are born. They have no family bonds of any kind. People in this society will never know their parents nor their kids. As soon as all of them have a sertain age a work is set to them and from there on all they will do is their job, for the rest of their lives. In my perspective the role of conformity in this book is to maintain the population with the simplest mind setting they can have. So they will learn the alphabet, how to speak, how to write, and all of the rules. They kill their instincts as soon as possible so that their instinct to think new and innovate does not interfere in the process. They become slave humans/robots. However there is still a hint of non-conformity in the book. The main character has since the beggining a fully functioning mind. He wishes and desires. Feelings that all others dont feel, things that are also prohibited. Moreover, every where he goes and everyone he meets changes. For example there is Internation 4-8818, a friend of Equality7-2521. They met during their first day working together. Eventhough that was a very short period of time they created a bond fo trust very strong. They were now capable of keeping secrets. Something that was also strongly prohibited by anyone. Other example of change in people arround him is Liberty 5-3000. A girl that until he met her was completly normal and had never stepped out side the line.. They both had a very strong connection, but this time it hapened with out they even needing to talk to each other. They had a imprint, a love in the fist sight moment. With no good reason she chose to go off the rules and talk to him. This shows how one person can make the diference, even in a community that is 100% controlled.

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