Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bernardo Blog Post #4 Question Commander

Why did Equality-2521 get a little bit sensible when the Golden One "gave" him her body, as a gesture of submission?

Well Equality-2521 felt sensible (unconfortable) because he wasn't accustomed to a women submissing to him. He did't felt well, and that is why he created a (in my perspective) unconfortable date. He knew in the beginning that she was willing to "obey" him, and he even thought that calling her the "dearest one" would not not encourage her to "obey" him. I also noticed a little bit of 'magic' between Equality-2521 and Golden One. They were in the right direction to make coitus. It is also easy to dictate that evantually they were going to have 'magic' because the way Golden Aproached Equality-2521, was already a little intimate.

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