Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anthem Connection Captain Juho Kim

Chapter 3

"But we think that the Council of Scholars is blind. The secrets of this earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who will seek them. We know, for we have found a secret unknown to all our brothers."

This quote has many connections that we can see to our world. One of the connection to our world which I thought of was The Council of Scholars being Earth and that there are facts that only some men know some secrets. We know because there are some top secret  documents only known to some governments and no other men knows it. For example, the government in South Korea contains top secret documents not shown to anybody else except for the president and the members of the parliament. Making this story connected to real life.

"One night, we were cutting open the body of a dead frog when we saw its leg jerking. It was dead, yet it moved. Some power unknown to men was making it move. We could not understand it. Then, after many tests, we found the answer. The frog had been hanging on a wire of copper; and it had been the metal of our knife which had sent the strange power to the copper through the brine of the frog's body." 

This is mentioned in the book and it is when the people find out there is something called energy and that energy in our world is mentioned as electricity. So electricity is all around us but before there would only be candles lit in houses to study. But there was also the same thing that happened to mankind's history. Luigi Galvani at the year 1780 found out a dead frog's legs twitched because of his forks and knifes (Wikipedia). He was curious and researched and found out that copper and zinc were making it twitch which makes electricity flow. Which means that he was the first one to find out and was the first one to only know the reason why it twitched until nearby scientists saw that and also tried it out to see if it was magic or logic.

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  1. It is a really good post. I really liked your photos, but I think you should develop more your writing. For example, the first part about secret documents, you could say why that is important and why we the people should know the secret. Overall, it is a really good post. Your photos as I told you are really good, and your writing is really good, but next time you could develop a little more.