Monday, April 20, 2015

Gabe.Anthem week #2

Risk Taking Researcher
Part 3, 4
Ayn Rand

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Any Rand, the famous Russian-America novelist and philosopher was born January 20, 1905 in St. Petersburg within the Russian Empire. She is widely known for her two best selling books Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged while we are reading another of her books, Anthem. Her ideas have been transmitted to university classrooms, Hollywood, Congress, and talk and radio programs. She has been a highly controversial author for her beliefs and expressions of rational and ethical egoism and her opposition of collectivism and statism. She stated once, "I am interested in philosophical principals, only as they affect the actual existence of men; and in men, only as they affect the philosophical principals." Reflecting on this quote she stated and the knowledge we have of her beliefs and writing, some can interpret that she only believes in philosophies that are relevant to the common man, such as capitalism in which one individual can work hard to achieve their dreams, while in communism they are trapped by the system, for the good of the state. This may be why many of her books are considered controversial, because she speaks against communism and in favor of capitalism.

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