Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Line Illuminator


Antonio Fernandes


                                          The Power of the Words

Anthem, is a book written by Ayn Rand. It talks about an unknown world, which uses communism as the political power. That means that the state control everything, everyone is supposed to get the same benefit as another individual. In the book Anthem two lines struck my head.

"It makes the needle move and turn on the compass which we stole from the Home of the Scholars; but we had been taught, when still a child, that the loadstone points to the north and that this is a law which nothing can change; yet our new power defies all laws."

This sentence in chapter three, shows how Equality 7-2521 found electricity for first time. He knew that the politics were wrong, that they didn`t know this natural power that would make the world brigther. This sentence shows how the politics had absolute power, they defined the laws, they define one individual work, and they define what is right and what is wrong. Even thought the main character found a prove in which would change everything; Equality 7-2521 knew they would not listen to him, because for them they were the only ones on power, and they didn`t want to say they were wrong.  This human ambition to put the blame on someone else makes the world crumble to pieces. For example, even though the politics knew that the loadstone didn`t point to the north but to electricity they didn`t disseminate the new discovery. They maintained everything the same, because they didn`t want to say they were wrong. This line is very significant to the book. This proves how power can change the society completely.  How one with power would do anything to maintain that power. For example the politics didn`t listen to its people, for only one reason; power. Power is the ability to cause or prevent an action.  In this case, this power is preventing the spread of what is new to a society. It preventing it`s research for what is better.  This images were chosen to show how sometimes power can destroy a society, and how a society can crumble.

"But then came the day when the sky turned white, as if the sun had burst and spread its flame in the air, and the fields lay still without breath, and the dust of the road was white in the glow."

This sentence in chapter 4 is a very important sentence. It shows how every time equality 7-2521 sees the Golden One  everything turns perfect. For example the sky turned white, the sun burst into flames, the dust was white and glowing and etc... As you can see Equality 7-2521 loves the Golden one.  As one can see Equality 7-2521 will do anything for her, he sacrifices himself by getting near her and yet he does`t care.  The Golden One isa the only think Equality 7-2521 loves. Every time he sees her, it makes his day. It is the only thing that makes himself confident and not stop working.  His society are treated like slaves. Equality 7-2521 is always the slave that runs away and discovers new beautys through his life such as electricity and The Golden One. If Golden One didn`t exist, his curiosity would be much less present in his life and he would`t be the one that sees the world different. The next photos are chosen to represent curiosity, and a different view of the world.












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  1. Antonio, I really like your first paragraph where you mentioned that Equality 7-2521 found out Electricity and didn't want to show it to the people. But I think you could also have mentioned about him saying that there are some facts only for some people because that really reminded me of some documents only for the government. Also how would you know that this person is a boy?? There are some parts that you might think that Equality 7-2521 is a boy, but there are no exact answers. Also I like your 2nd paragraph where you mentioned where whenever Equality saw 7-2521 the Golden one everything went perfect. I remember before a test if I drank water and danced around while going to test, I got perfects on my scores. But anyways ignore the dancing thing, and Good Job!!