Friday, February 27, 2015

Question Commander- Ha Marron

Ha Marron
Question Commander
By Ayn Rand
Rotation #3
Part 5 & 6

Now we have read further more this amazing book, I think that the plot may be confusing sometimes. The chapters have become so small that they just give you the needed information and no more. That´s why I decided to ask some questions about this week´s parts.

Why did Equality 7-2125 regretted giving the gift (electricity) to the house of scholars the first time?
Equality thought that he shall not be forgiven for what he had done. He thought that every law that existed on earth had been broken with his discovery, and for the first time he feared the fate he would have if he said the truth. Though after some time he realized that it was worth sacrificing himself in order to make a good to his brothers. That even though the scholars would probably punish him severely, they would appreciate his gift and use it for the good.

Why did they prison of the city didn't have guards?  
After Equality 7-2125 was taken to prison for keeping silence, he decides to escape. It is so easy for him, that he just needs to force the lock and simply walk out. The prison had no guards because the laws in the city were to respect and do exactly what your brothers said. Therefore no one would break those laws.

Was it fear or simply faith in the right thing what made the people to follow every single law without protesting?
I think it was both. The people feared the rulers of the city because of what they've done before, just like the time they burned alive this man for saying the “unmentionable word“. But at the same time, since they were babies, they were taught to believe in their brothers and to follow strictly the law to keep the peace in the world. These people won´t have any right to think by their own what they wanted to do, but Equality 7-2125 did. He decided that he wanted to make a change in this damaged world.

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  1. I think you can add a question to your blog, also give more information to the blog. I do not get the information clear enough to understand what is going on.You should give the information about Equality 7-2125 because a person who never read this book wouldn't understand what was going on before. So for a 7, you can give some background information and pictures cited.