Saturday, February 28, 2015

Connection Captain - Jorge Ribeiro

Jorge Ribeiro

Connection Captain


Rotation 3

Part 5 and 6

As I was reading part five and six from the book anthem, I made many connections while reading, and many connections were from books that I read in the past. But jumping right into it, the first connection that I made while reading both parts, was that Anthem connected with the book Catching Fire. Anthem connects to the book catching fire, because Equality did something he wasn't supposed to, so he got lashed. It connects not only because of the lashing, but it also connects with the idea that if the people that I follow are correct, if the people I follow are truly doing the best for the people, and that idea applies to both books, because in Catching Fire when the people don't do as the Capital says, then they will be punished, and in Anthem, if you don't do what the leaders say, then you will be punished, both of them by punishing the people from having their own rights, leads to a path, which is Communism.

The next book which I connected with anthem, was the book The Uglies. I connect with this book, because of the lack of information that is given to the people, because the leaders of the book The Uglies, they hid the truth about becoming a pretty from its own people, and in the case of Anthem, the leaders hide so much information from the citizens, that the citizens barely know anything about the world, and that is another example which shows a community that is going towards the path of Communism, which is by hiding certain information from their own people. 

The last book that I connected was the book The Giver. The reason why I connected Anthem with the Giver is simple, because the leaders are hiding from their own people, what I mean by that, is that on Anthem, it is the same story, of the citizens not knowing enough to give their own opinions, and for the Giver, the leaders were hiding the emotions, on purpose because the leaders thought they were doing the best for the citizens in the book Giver, so all these dystopias, these different societies, all have the same concept, which is of Communism.

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