Sunday, October 12, 2014

Risk-Taking Researcher - Sophia Takahashi

Risk-Taking Reseacher

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Risk - Taking Researcher

By beginning to read the book Anthem, I decided to learn a little bit about the author, Ayn Rand. How did she find the ideas to create such a philosophical book?

Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum was born in February 2, 1905 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is known for to book, best-sellers, The Fountainhead and Altlas Shrugged. Hers books are known for developing a philosophical system called Objectivism. 

Ayn Rand was born in Russia, and moved to the United States in 1926 (eleven years of age). Ayn was the oldest of three siblings, to a jew family. Zinovy Rosenbaum (Father) was known for being a successful pharmacist and businessman. At a young age, Ayn found school unchallenging and began writing screenplays at the age of eight and novels at the age of ten. Ayn Rand lived through the Russian Revolution, and fled to the Crimean Peninsula. 

Anthem was actually created as a screenplay during Ayn's years living in Russia. After migrating to the United States, Rand 'forgot' about Anthem, but reconsidered in the future. 

Initially, Ayn planned on publishing Anthem as a magazine story, convinced by her agent to publish it as a book. In 1935, Anthem was published in England, as for no publishing agencies were into publishing her book to sell in the United States. Finally in 1946, Anthem was finally published and sold around the United States.



  1. Sophia,

    Wow! I had no idea that Anthem was supposed to be a screenplay. That would undoubtedly be a movie that would make headlines, since the topic the books centers is very disturbing, at least I think so, because you can never be sure who is the person talking, what do they think because as far as we know, Equality 7-2521 is a group of people, we don't know how many and therefore we don't know how many narrators there are in the book.

  2. Sophia,

    Nice post ! I also did risk-take researcher but never came across an article saying that Anthem was supposed to be in a magazine and a screenplay. It was great finding out some new things about the author since it is just the beginning of the book. Were there any parts of Ayn's life put into Anthem ? If not, since we only read part 1 & 2, do you think that she will incorporate parts of her life into the book ?

  3. Sophia, I thought your post was really good! It really helped me know some more things about the author that I didn't know before. What really surprised me was that Anthem was created as a screenplay, and that it was supposed to be in a magazine. I would have never thought that! I was shocked to find out that Ayn was writing screenplays at age 8, and was writing novels at age 10. To me it seems like a really young age to be doing that, so it really amazes me.