Sunday, October 12, 2014

Word Whisperer - Gabi Campos

Simile: "[...]their faces were cracked as the clay of a dry river bed" (page 10).

   In this phrase, the narrator is describing the faces of his brothers, telling the reader how dry they were. I think it is correct to assume that the city in which he resides in currently has very dry weather and since they do not have lotion to hydrate their skin, their faces were "cracked as the clay of a dry river bed".

Metaphor: "The Earth was a beggar under their feet" (page 23).

   In this phrase, Equality 7 -2521 is referring to Liberty 5 -3000's beauty. He says this when he watches her plant seeds and is awestruck by her beauty, because (at least my guess is) he hasn't seen a woman in his entire life and now, while working as a street sweeper, he finally caught a glimpse of one and in his eyes, it was most likely the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. In other words, she was so beautiful even the ground would beg for her to walk on top of it.

Hyperbole: "They turned in a whirl and the movement of their body stopped, as if slashed off, as suddenly as it had started" (page 21).

   This phrase is talking about how fast they [Liberty 5 -3000] turned to face Equality 7 -2521. Obviously, it is exaggerating, thus why it is a hyperbole, because as humans, we don't have any type of supernatural speed, strength sight, etc. We are merely average. Sure, we can do some things quickly and Liberty 5 -3000 must have turned rapidly, however we aren't literally as fast as the author made it seem. That is, assuming the characters mentioned are humans.

Imagery: "The walls are cracked and water runs upon them in thin threads without sound, black and glistening blood."

    The phrase above is talking about the walls inside the tunnel that Equality 7-2521 visited and it is an example of imagery because, just like Wikipedia states, the phrase is an example of "the author's use of vivid and descriptive language to add depth to his or her work.

   I chose the image above because I feel like it is the perfect representation of Liberty 5 -3000 with their golden hair and planting seeds, I also particularly like the fence and wire in the image that appear to be in front of Liberty 5 -3000, because they are referring to how women are off limits to men that are forbidden to think about them.

   The second image I chose is what I currently imagine being the city that Equality 7-2521 and all the other brothers and sisters reside in. It is not very accurate since in my head I think that it is a dystopian city that also has some aspects from the medieval times.

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