Sunday, October 12, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher- Nico A

As we start off with the book, you can notice high, dystopian levels of communism ruling over society where even knowing more than a person your age requires physical punishment.  To get a deeper understanding, I have decided to study on Ayn Rand, and where she was raised.  Of course, as easily noticed in the book, Ayn was raised in Russia during communist times.  This could be seen

throughout the early pages of the book with the ways she displayed communism.  Her parents worked pharmaceutically, and she too took part in the business.  During the commence of communist times, the family's store was revoked and owned by the now communist Russia.  Due to the lack of her availability to write, Rand moved to the US, and began as a writer mainly writing what would be considered controversy in Russia.  Not only was she a novelist, but she also worked in the media industry closely with Universal Studios, and RKO Studios.  Her book Anthem was created early before her strongest piece, Fountainhead and published in England in 1938, and published until later in United States.

As for the book, Anthem, I decided to study its government.  It is a mix between a totalitarian, communist government where the government owns everything and decides the jobs of the people, and totalitarian in the way that everything in the peoples lives are controlled by the government, for example what they can read, where they can go, and who they can talk to.  The government in this books serves as the bedrock base for its dystopian actions.


  1. Nico,
    I think that your has made me understand more about Ayn Rand's past, making me realise from where she got the idea of Anthem from. Do you think she wouldn't have written Anthem if she didn't experience the Russian Revolution? Your post shows great research skills, and I was able to learn greatly from your post.


  2. Nico,

    I really liked reading your post because it helped me know about the author and her past. Also, it showed me more of the reasons why Rand wrote this book in the first place. I defiantly think that her experiences altered her thinking, and shaped her belief. That, is what inspired her ideas into writing this book. Now, when I read the book, I will think of how she may possibly be one of the characters. Either, Equality 7-2521, Union 5-3992, Liberty 5-300, or even any other characters that come along as the story goes.

  3. Nico,
    I enjoyed how you added little tidbits of information that have no direct contact with her writing Anthem, but may have contact once you think about them or follow their path. For example, her working with Universal Studios. What did she do there? What job did she take, how did that impact her life? Was there anything, such as a person or event, that lead her to writing books? These all could influence her life and give us a clearer perspective or how she came to her point of view, and I think it'd be interesting to know these answers. I also liked how you tied in some facts and investigation on governments in the book, and how they affect the people.