Monday, October 27, 2014

Joshua Connection Captain

This book can be very confusing when you start reading it, but i'm pretty sure that after a few pages the book will start to be interesting. This book reminds me of another book called “The giver” which in my opinion they are pretty similar. Both of them choose to go against the rules to discover more and more and try to change their world.The council also has lots of strange rules as in The Giver. Equality, the main character tries to be normal as the other kids but he is certainly not.  Both of the books have love in the middle, Equality falls in love with this girl that also likes him. And like The Giver in this book they cannot fall in love with other people.

The ideas in the novel were influenced by all the bad things that were going on with the world, the wars and the evil side of the world. And to make the world a better place they put these rules and strange laws that would make things go more neutral. Which reminds a lot about the medieval time.


  1. Joshua, very good blog post, I can see that you understand in depth of what is happening, but you can get a little more creative with the connections, because it doesn't reaaly show how do you think in depth about the book's charecters, also I would like you to explain better yur view points because they are kind of confusing, Otherwise goos post keep it up!!

  2. Joshua,

    I really liked that you mad a connection to a book that many people from our grade have read last year, even though you weren't there to read it. Anyways, I think that you cleared my understanding because of talking about something that I am familiar with and understand. For example, if there is something I don't really understand, I can just look back into The Giver to see why that happened. Also, this connection helped me make predictions to what is going to happen in the rest of this book. Keep up the good work!