Monday, October 27, 2014

Historical Text -Christian

Why was this book controversial?  Which themes or ideas were challenging to society?

Well I would like to start with the fact that they use the word "We" instead of "I". For example "We were born with a curse" (Part One). Which they HAVE to, its not because they want to, because if they don't there will be consequences such as death. So they have been taught to use "We, Us, Them, They, etc". Which can show the idea of individuality (Even though in the book they make it look as if it were bad).  I think throughout the book there will be more cases in which controversial things will happen, but for now I feel like the use of "We" is the most controversial of the first 4 parts (And the most strict law).

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  1. Christian,

    Interesting point; however, I'm not sure I quite understand you. While I read your answer to how controversial the book was, I connected it to my Historical Text post. I explained how the word "we" could affect the way individuals would live life and interact with each other. Further, something I want to point out is that everyone reading this book at the moment knows that this book is controversial, yet you have some sort of lacking explanation. I understood that you thought saying "we" instead of "I" was controversial because the idea of individualism is terminated by the years. Nevertheless, that is something I inferred from your piece of writing. I inferred that individualism was cut out in this book caused to Ayn Rand's perspective in terms of sacrifice. Consequently, she would think that men need to sacrifice between each other and stay together, stay the same. No one ever could be different for the reason that man wouldn't make the same choices and act within themselves in a selfsame manner.

  2. Christian,

    It was great that you picked up the theme of individualism, and union that occurs in the book. I agree with Ivanna and think that you could have done a better job just explaining why you thought that the book was controversial. Also, this is supposed to make you answer in a way that includes the historical context of the book: what was the time period it was written in; what is the time period it happens in; why, and how does this effect the theme of the book or how controversial the book is? I think that you have great ideas in your mind, but you just didn't express them enough in this post. Keep up the good work!