Thursday, October 30, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Lexi Farnes

Anthem by Ayn Rand
Parts 7 & 8 
Illustrious Artist
Lexi Farnes

In this weeks section Equality 7-2521 went to see the Scholars, to tell them he had a great gift to share with them.  He said the gift would change humanity forever!  Equality 7-2521 then tells them his story, he told them about the tunnel, his experiments, and the discovery of light.  He then pulled out the light bulb, and activates it in front of the Scholars.  They were all horrified and shocked.  Equality 7-2521 started laughing at them for the way they reacted.  Equality 7-2521 tells them that, "he has harnessed the power from the sky and brought it to them, which is a great gift" (BookCaps).

The Scholars didn't seem happy, and had mean looks in their eyes.  Collective 0-0009 tells Equality 7-2521 that he has broken nearly every law of the society, and that it was unacceptable for him to think he is smarter than everyone else, including themselves the Scholars.  The scholars believe that he should be executed, and be handed over to the World Council for them to make the decision.  The Scholars decide that his light box must be destroyed.  Then Equality 7-2521 grabs the box, smashes the window, and jumps out.  He ran for his life, into the Uncharted Forest.  He then knew he would have to stay in there for a very long time.  "He has his box of light, which makes him happy despite the fact that he abandoned his 'brothers'" (BookCaps). 

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