Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 5- Line Illuminator Hyejune Lee

Part 9&10
1. "But the only things which taught us joy were the power we created in our wires, and the Golden One." 
     In Part 9 of Anthem, by Ayn Rand, this quote is stated by Equality 7-2521, it shows how he realized that he feels joy when he could get something that himself wants, not when he could benefit the whole community. I think this means that he started to see things as an individual, not a group. 
How Equality 7-2521 started to think differently after escaping to the Uncharted Forest

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2. "We glanced through the pages, and we saw that they were written in our language, but we found many words which we could not understand."
     This quote is found in Part 10, and this shows how many words from the Unmentionable Times have disappeared by this period of time, which, in my case, is like not having a single idea of language which appears frequently in Shakespeare's books or scripts, like "thou" or "thee". I think the significance of it is that it is somewhat a foreshadow that he will find the Unspeakable Word inside the books left from the Unmentionable Times.
How an old storybook looks like, and I put this photo because Equality 7-2521 would have felt exactly the same as we feel if we have to read one of these old books

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