Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Job 3 - Word Whisperer - Giulia Di Bella

Parts 9 and 10

1) meaning of device / simile: When you compare things using the words like or as to link them. 

2) This makes then reader reflect and compare the similarity between the forest itself and the days Equality and The Golden One had spent there.  

Some day, we shall stop and build a house, when we shall have gone far enough. But we do not have to hasten. The days before us are without end, like the forest.” (Part 9)
For me, the importance of this literary element was humungous because I saw that the author managed to link two things that were related in a way, together. This created a image in my head and made me think clearly about it. "The forest was as infinite as the days they had spent there. “ The first thought that popped into my head was: Hum…  very interesting and effective. Similies are always a great form of comparisons, for they link two thoughts together without much of a deal; just using a simple word like like or as.  As simple as that. This example from the book was a great one because it opens the readers mind and joins their thinking together. Equality said that they don’t have to worry about that because they are not in a rush, they actually want to continue on this infinite journey. I thought it was very precise the use of this simile in this part of the text and I think it really helped the reader clear up his/her mind.
  1. meaning of device / personification: A comparison between something that is not a person to something that a person does. An object (not necessarily) compared to a persons actions.
  2. This makes the reader think of this object or thing in a different kind of way.
"The sun rays danced upon colors, colors, more colors than we thought possible, we who had seen no houses save the white ones, the brown ones and the grey. “ (Part 9)

This magnificent personification really fit into this part of the text because it made the reader really see a sun ray from a different perspective. When you think about a sun ray dancing, the first thing that pops into your mind is something shinny and happy, right? Well, that’s what personification does. It forces the person to create an image in their mind in which it is up to them to decide rather they see it one way or the other. This personification really took my thinking to another level, and helped me analyze critically other aspects and meanings of these words. 

1) meaning of device / simile: When you compare things using the words like or as to link them. 
2) This makes then reader reflect and compare the similarity between two aspects.
"They were silent, then they spoke slowly, and their words were halting, like the words of a child learning to speak for the first time.” (Part 9)
This simile was very useful in this case because it got the reader to thinking and link two things that are not related together. In the other case I mentioned earlier, we compared two things that were similar and that were happening to the characters. However, these two things, are definitely not related and definitely not happening to the characters. In this sentence the comparison is, the halting words from The Golden One compared to a child speaking for the first time. A simile in this case, was very precise and a good idea to use, and in my opinion, I really liked the way the author wrote and described these similes that we can find in the book; all of them.

  1. meaning of device / imagery: Helps the reader have a clear picture of the scene.
  2. An imagery not only helps the reader in this aspect, but it may clear a thought or an idea that was not clear before. 
"We have walked for many days. The forest has no end, and we seek no end. But each day added to the chain of days between us and the City is like an added blessing. (Part 9) 

Many people may understand this wrong or disagree with me; however, I see the last sentence of this quote as an imagery. The was I see it is the following… When I read this last sentence over and over in my head, since the first time, I imagine a chain of days in my mind. A chain of days that is probably infinite because I cannot picture the other end, only the beginning. I think the author had this purpose or at least intended that the reader would get this image, if not similar. Imagery helps a lot, for me, when I get caught up on a part of the text in which I don’t understand. 
Anyways, I mentioned earlier that many people could get me wrong with this interpretation. By this I meant that the sentence above, could be seen as an imagery or a metaphor because it is showing a relationship between chains and the days they had spent there. In my opinion, an imagery fits best although it is not the first thing that comes up to everyones mind.

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