Thursday, September 25, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher Lucas L

Why do you think Equality ran away?
I think he ran away because he thought the development of the city was stupid. Every person would have to think the same, or an idea would be discarded. His ideas did not satisfy the bothers, and as a result, his idea was discarded. He chose to run away because he could not take it no more. He believed every man could have a different mind
Why does the Golden One follow Equality?
I think that when she heard he was leaving she immediately wanted to be with him, so she followed his tracks. I think the Golden one and Equality are a perfect pair. When she came, Equality finally felt exctasy.
Why did he go to the forest?
Because he knew that no one would chase him. The forest is where no one dares to go, and he discovered that the forest is amazingly peaceful

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