Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 5 ~ Line Illuminator (Gabi R.)

"We love you."
Although the Golden One said, "we love you" to Equality, she doesn't understand what it really means as she nor any of her brothers has ever felt it before. This shows us how things are changing for both her and Equality. They are both feeling and experiencing new things. Equality even states, "We had never thought of that which we did. We bent to raise the Golden One to their feet, but when we touched them, it was as if madness had stricken us. We seized their body and we pressed our lips to theirs. The Golden One breathed once, and their breath was a moan, and then their arms closed around us." As he even says, he had never thought of what he did. This emphasizes the idea that the feelings and experiences they are dealing with in the Uncharted Forest wouldn't have happened if they still lived in the community and obeyed the rules all their brothers live by.

"We go on and we bless the earth under our feet. But questions come to us again, as we walk in silence. If that which we have found is the corruption of solitude, then what can men wish for save corruption? If this is the great evil of being alone, then what is good and what is evil?"
With this quote, I noticed that Equality is beginning to realize that he wasn't happy in the community. He is realizing that, now, in the Uncharted Forest with the Golden One by his side, is where lies his true happiness. Living in the city, he was just another controlled man among all others, he wasn't special to anyone and neither was allowed to be unique. He could't have his own thoughts or ideas, he had to be just like everyone else. He had to be just another robot among his brothers, which unlike Equality agreed with that fact and dared not to disobey the rules which kept them that way. With this quote I noticed Equality is realizing that he is finally happy and finally free from the awful society he used to live in.

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