Sunday, September 28, 2014

Job #6—Risk Taking Researcher Jonathan Gringauz Part 11 & 12

In part 12, the two main characters name each other. I can strongly relate this to the important part of any parents life when they name there child. The same was happening here. The only problem is that the same moment is happening. But years later.  I think that many of us can agree that while being a parent. Naming is one of the most important parts. I mean, you can procrastinate unlimited things. But waiting to name your baby is impossible! Everyone needs a defined identity. And both of the characters know it. Even there old society that is basically a dictatorship knows it. They gave all of the citizens name. Or some type of identity.

Babies don't need a vacation, but I still see them at the beach... it pisses me off! I'll go over to a little baby and say 'What are you doing here? You haven't worked a day in your life!'

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  1. Jonathan,
    I agree that everybody deserves an identity but I believe that a name is just a word that sums up a person. Personality is what give a person identity. When you say somebody's name it immediately makes you think of that person, but you don't think of what they're called but who they are. I do understand what you mean by this though how if you didn't have your name who would you be? Something that really made me think is when you said even their dictatorship knew it, because the council ended up passing that on to the people by accident.
    -Julianna Mello

  2. Jonathan,
    I am afraid that I do not agree with you on some things regarding your post. First of, the dictatorship in Anthem does not give their people identity. Actually, they remove it from them. Exactly like a video game, you can only have a certain number of combinations regarding yourself in Anthem. Your name is a word from selection of words and you also have a combination of numbers. This limits personality to 30%.
    Hope this helped push your thinking.