Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week #3 Question Commander Cian Miron

What will happen when he presents his creation to the scholars?

I believe that since he has broken so many rules to make his creation, presenting his creation is not going to go well. Their reaction to the numerous amount of rules he broke is more than likely not going to be a very forgiving one judging on past experiences with people breaking the rules. Such as when our main character decided not telling anyone where he was, he was lashed as a punishment, or when the man was burned alive for saying the forbidden word. As you can see from these two example the council is not very forgiving and breaking a rule always come with a swift punishment. To add to that this new technology could be deemed evil and bad. Judging from how scared they are of the unmentionable times and the technology they had there is a good chance of this happening. In that case the scholars could want to destroy it. In the end there is a large chance that presenting his creation could go horribly wrong.
This is what the scholar will want to do with our main character's work.

Why was our main character chosen to be a street sweeper when he had the skills to become a great scholar?
I think their jobs are chosen for them not becuase the council wants to make sure that every one gets the best job for them but becuase they want to make sure that people who have the skill to do extremely well in an area are not placed in that area. This would ensure that they do not advance in technology to fast and create the problems the unmentionable times had. This would explain why our main character was chosen to be a street sweeper when he had the skills needed to become a amazing scholar. 
This is the type of whip our main character was most likely lashed with.[ekm]288x286[ekm].jpg 

How does the Council obtain and keep so much unquestioned control? 

I wonder why the people do not question the council and why they remain in so much control. I think they remain in unquestionable control with brutal punishment as seen when our main character broke the rules and when the forbidden word was spoken. I think this becuase our main character constantly talks about how what he is doing is a sin and how he will be punished. It is clear that he is scared of the consequences and I think this is how others in the community feel. The council uses brutal punishment to create fear of breaking or defying the rules of the council therefore creating the unquestionable authority they have. 


  1. Cian, your post is very detailed and your answers were very interesting to read. Now, I am going to answer the last question you asked.
    In my opinion, the council obtains control over the community because the people that live there don't know any way to rebel against the community and they are scared. For instance, as we can see in the book the people of the community believes that breaking one small rule will affect them more then they can imagine, and they are right. I believe that the people in the community know that the consequences of doing something wrong is terrible, so they are better out just following the rules. You said in your post that they have this unquestionable authority because they are brutally cruel, and I completely agree. The council is very inconsiderate of the communities’ habitants well-being, therefore, creating a cloud of dark terror in the habitants thoughts.
    Now, I have a question for you Cian. Do you think that if the council didn't treat the habitants brutally when they do something wrong, would the community be as organized?

  2. Cian,
    First of all, great post. I liked all of your questions and really found your images interesting. I want to reply to question 3, how does the council obtain and keep so much unquestioned control. I agree with you that the council uses brutal punishment to keep so much control. In fact, the novel mentioned that this brutal, physical punishment is used on children. However, I think that they also almost brainwash their citizens. The council teaches children to follow their rules and values from a young age. I think that drilling into a child's head from a young age that something is right or wrong usually tends to be successful. I mean, haven't your parents told you some things that just stuck with you? Like be helpful, don't lie, never ever do anything less than your best. I think that experiences that prove this and being told these things coupled with a healthy dose of fear can cause this complete power that the council has that you find interesting. I kind of wonder if the council started off physically punishing people for things or if they just began with drilling values into them. I think that because of the values of the council, which are not all bad, they may have started off as a group of kind people who would never hurt a soul and were so charismatic that people listened to each and every word they said. Then maybe there was a group of bad leaders who punished people physically and it worked so the method stuck. It's kind of funny to think that a society can change that fast, can suddenly become something it was never supposed to be. Great job on your post!

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  4. How does the Council obtain and keep so much unquestioned control?
    First of all Cian, thanks for pushing my thinking with all these great questions. I will be answering the one above. To the people of this futureistic society, they do not live in a dysopian world. To them this is the way that is normal. For example,if you give a child a gun, and convince him that all children have guns, he will without a doubt, be very confused when he learns that the majority of children do not have guns. What I'm trying to say is that it all depends on what is considered the normal in this society. Because in reality there is no actual "normal" . I would also like to ask, Cian, do you think that motive of this community is equality, or do you think that is just an illusion?

  5. Cian,

    Your post was amazing! Your questions are well thought and you answers are detailed; although; the rule remains there, which is not to comment about all of the questions. The question I chose for today was question number one. What will happen when he presents the creation to the scholars? I disagree with what you said. I think his presentation will be great. And if the presentation is that good, maybe they will forgive them for the "mistakes" he made.

  6. I have decided to answer question #1. I agree with you that when they present their creation it won't go well. I believe that the council will be shocked and angry that street sweepers crashed their meeting. I think when the Council sees the light there will be terrified of light. However with everyone against his idea, Equality 7-2521 still will follow his passion into discovering about the past and will go back to his hole. Not daring to go back up because he might go to jail for breaking all the rules. As following I also want to answer question #3. As Katie mentioned I agree that using brutal punishments kept people in control. I think the best way to control a person is controlling their emotion that gives one self realization of becoming an individual. This society has been using methods to control all citizens at their years of infancy. Equality explains: "Children are born each winter, but women never see their children and children never know their parents,". This society implants the new born about the rules of the society, making them think this is a perfect society, however people don't notice how this ruined the idea of individualism. When they break their rules they use punishment using their fear against them. Equality tell us that he remembers: "We have seen one of such men burned alive in the square of the city. And it was a sigh which has stayed with us through the years, and it haunts us, and follows us, and it gives us no rest." Their society makes people fear by using public executions to give all citizens a warning of what the consequences awaits.