Sunday, September 7, 2014

Katie W. Line Illuminator Part 5-6

"Yes, we do care. For the first time do we care about our body. For this wire is as a part of our body, as a vein torn from us, glowing with our blood. Are we proud of this thread of metal, or of our hands which made it, or is there a line to divide these two?"
Part 5

I found this quote very powerful because for the first time Equality 7-2521 is thinking like an individual. He is showing evidence of caring about himself and his best interests for the first time and thinking about yourself is a crucial part of becoming a true individual. He is also showing pride in something that he accomplished on his own, something that he did not need his bothers for. And not only does he show pride, he also shows that he loves this thing that he made by himself. But I have to wonder if he loves the electricity he created because it will help his brothers and move him to the home of the scholars or if he loves this thing because it will get him recognition, prove that he is special, and it make it possible for him to run away if he chooses to do so. I mean think about it. Everybody likes to feel special, important. It is simply a human desire, although the council has tried to stamp it out of the men they govern. This electricity makes it possible for him to get this recognition that he craves. Additionally, the knowledge of how to create this light gives him the ability to run away if he chooses. If he wants to run and to become independent he has light, warmth, and a new invention that can enable him to terrify anybody he wants. If he simply thinks creatively, he could use the light to look like the eyes of a non existent monster and terrify anything or anybody that he finds dangerous. This light gives him the knowledge that he can become independent as well making it possible for him to have a higher self esteem.

An example of how Equality 7-2521 wants to feel
 "We shall put before them the greatest gift ever offered to men. We shall tell them the truth. We shall hand to them, as our confession, these pages we have written. We shall join our hands to theirs, and we shall work together, with the power of the sky, for the glory of mankind. Our blessing upon you, our brothers! Tomorrow, you will take us back into your fold and we shall be an outcast no longer. Tomorrow we shall be one of you again. Tomorrow..."
Part 6

I think that this quote shows how strongly Equality 7-2521 believes in the power of knowledge. He really, really thinks that knowing about the world is so powerful that the council will change his living situation and everyone will be so happy with him and grateful to him that they will pardon his transgressions. Something that really stood out to me in the quote was the part where it says "and we shall be an outcast no longer".  I wonder if he felt this way before he was thrown into the Place of Corrective Detention or only after.


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