Saturday, September 27, 2014

Line Illuminator Cian Miron Part 11 and 12

I would like to talk about specifically the last chapter as a whole. What I found interesting about this chapter was it felt like a persuasive essay about someones beliefs  and how you should believe in them to. I have said this before but I will say it again. I do not think this book was created solely because the author wanted share a good story but because she wanted to share her beliefs. I also believe she wanted to showcase how people in todays society (in the book this would be The Council) react to her beliefs as an Individualist. Beside this the chapter seems unneeded to me. Due to the fact that they have already escaped and the council and everything is okay. This chapter’s purpose was not to tie loose ends like a normal final chapter, but more to talk about Individualist beliefs and the greatness of them.  However these individualist beliefs are masked as a unneeded closing to the book.

“My hands... My spirit... My sky... My forest... This earth of mine....,” I would also like to talk about this quote. This is the first real demonstration of our main characters new unquestioned and sure belief. All of the other times he demonstrated is individualism he after question it or had no words to explain it. This was the demonstration of our main character transformation and final separation from the council. This for me was the ending of the book and concluded the journey of separation from the council. It is also means he is now following beliefs from the unmentionable times which means in the future he could have some of the same problems they did. Do you think this will happen?

This is listed as an individualist quote but it was written in anthem

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