Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anthem week 3 question commander 

People in the society do not have a say on who they talk to or what they want to do, why is that?

I can notice that the People in the society do not have a say on who they talk to or what they want to do, but i don't know why. I think that the council tries to control the people in the society from talking to each other because they don't want the people to share their thoughts to other maybe causing the people in the society going against the council. One thing that I don't really know is why don't they allow the people to choose their job.  


Why is love not allowed, and do you agree with this? 

I believe that love is not allowed because the council thinks that love will distract people from work making them produce or stay last time working. I do agree that love will distract them from work but I also think that every one has to have the right to love and to care for someone so I think that what the council is doing is wrong. 


Why do you think the government kept things like electricity hidden from everyone? 

I believe that the past in this book was horrible, having lots of horrible things such as wars, because the past was so horrible the council ttys to make this “new world different and make it as equal as possible.but I don't think that what the council is doing is right. I think that they can have a better world with things that they had in the past like electricity.


  1. Pedro,
    When you are asking, "Why is love not allowed, and do you agree with this?", you should add more points about why you agree there shouldn't be any love. You should explain this more to the end of your paragraph, so you can add more about why this is true. Also, you should explain more clearly, because it is a little hard to follow. Also, your paragraph is too short, you definitely need to add more about how the book explains why there shouldn't be love.

  2. Good post, Pedro.
    Why do you think the government kept things like electricity hidden from everyone?

    I agree with you, I also think they keep certain things from the rest of the population due to awful things that happened in the past. They are probably afraid of the things the caused the destruction of the Unmentionable Times. They obviously don't want it to happen again so they keep things from the people, avoiding it to happen again.

    There is also the possibility that not even the government, the Council of Scholars, knows about electricity and other certain things. The Unmentionable Times might have been destroyed a long time ago, and so when the survivors created this new city, they stopped using the things which led to the Unmentionable Times' destruction. I also believe that if they were afraid to use it, they wouldn't pass it down to their future generations. In conclusion, there is a possibility that no one in Equality's current society knows about things such as electricity.

  3. Answer 1#
    I think people are forced to do as the community tells them because the community wants complete control of their inhabitants. One way to achieve that is by controlling what they do and not giving them any option. This also takes me back to my own post. The community wants control and another way they have that is by manipulating their people into thinking the only way of living is their own.

    Answer 2#
    I think love is not allowed because the leaders want to make everyone uniform (the same) and with love people actually feel their very own attraction to others.
    Hope this post helped.