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Alicia Anthem parts 9/10 Question Commander

Question 1: Do you think that the story takes place in the past or future (or possibly present?)

I think it takes place in the future. From the people's lifestyle and setting, it seems as if they are in the past. However, Equality found a few things that seem to be from the present, such as the light bulbs,  mirrors, the house of glass, books, pans, etc. I think everything was destroyed in the Unmentionable Times, which would be approximately our present, and when they rebuilt everything, they made a community with qualities from the past.


Question 2:

What do you think is happening in the city that Equality used to live in? Are people still talking about him or did it not make a difference when he left?

I think the Scholars are trying to keep it a secret that he left, so no one else can get bad influences, but they are still discussing it amongst themselves. Nonetheless, I'm sure no one would go after Equality since everyone is so scared of the unknown and discovering new things, and he is already so far from the city. I also wondered if anyone found out about Liberty or if her absence went unnoticed.

Question 3:

Equality's goal was to discover the sacred, unspeakable word. How will he find it if he isn't in the city anymore?

First of all, I wonder how he would have discovered the word in the city. If people couldn't ever say it, who would tell him what it was? To answer the question, Equality mentioned having many books in the glass house, and since the books are from the Unmentionable Times, he will probably find the word there.

This is close to what I think the house that Equality and Liberty found looks like:



  1. Hi Alicia. First of all, I also think that the story takes place in the future. This is because Equality finds things that has been already made. Things which are unmentionable and has not been mentioned in the community for a very long time. In my opinion, I think that the secrets the councils are hiding, the future are hidden in the uncharted forest.

  2. Alicia, I think your questions are very good and unique, especially question 2. Therefore, I would like to answer that one. I think people back in the city are talking about him, first of all because the Golden One mentioned it in Part 9. She mentioned that the whole city is talking about it, and that is how she realized that Equality 7-2521 has gone to the Uncharted Forest.
    Secondly, all that happened very dramatically, Equality 7-2521 shouting at the Councils and jumping out of the window. It is impossible people around the great hall had not noticed anything. At least one person that is not a Council would have noticed, and this would never happen in this community, so rumors would have spread rapidly.
    Lastly, as I said before, this kind of dramatic event has never happened before, and people are naturally interested by extremely rare events. The citizens of this society are not an exception. In Part 2, it is stated that "all the children and all the men of the City" went to the square to watch the burning of the Transgressor. People were interested by this, so how would they not be interested by a man who broke through the window in the middle of the Meeting of World Council of Scholars and fled to the Uncharted Forest?

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