Sunday, September 7, 2014

Illustrious Artist Hyejune Lee

Anthem by Ayn Rand (Part 5&6)
For this week's blog post, I decided to draw the brain structure of Equality 7-2521.

     I drew the brain structure that I thought would be the closest to Equality 7-2521's so far. After reading Parts 1 through 6, it was not hard to identify what the protagonist was thinking about. First, I drew a bubble with The Golden One, however not the biggest, because in Parts 5 and 6, it appears that she is somewhat pushed aside, for Equality 7-2521 is thinking more about his discovery. Next, I drew a bubble with the tunnel, because although it is not expressed, you can see that he still is concerned about the place being discovered by the government. For example, in Part 6, after he escaped from the cell, he ran to his tunnel, and it was stated that "we (I) lit the candle and we (I) saw that our (my) place had not been found and nothing had been touched." This shows that Equality 7-2521 was relieved that the tunnel wasn't found during he was caught. To add, I drew the bubble with The Unspeakable Word, because it was clearly stated in Part 2 that he was curious about this forbidden word, ending the chapter with a question: "what is the Unspeakable Word?"
     Now, moving on to the parts I read for this week's blog post, which is more important here, I first drew the light to cover up the biggest part inside Equality 7-2521's head. This is clearly shown in Part 6, because it is written that "we (I) thought of our (my) glass box and of our (my) light, and we (I) forgot all else." Also, even after he was tortured in the Palace of Corrective Detention, he "smiled, for we (I) thought of the light and that we (I) had not betrayed it." In addition, I drew the World Council of Scholars Meeting as the second biggest thought, because Equality 7-2521 escaped from the cell, although this never has happened before, therefore is a great transgression. This was all due to the fact that the World Council of Scholars Meeting was going to be held on the day after that. Lastly, I drew a bubble with escape, because it is stated in Part 6 that "we counted each day and each night as it passed. Then, tonight, we knew that we must escape." This shows that Equality 7-2521 was waiting for this day. This means escape takes a big part inside his head. Also he knows that it is a transgression to do so, for "men have never defied the Councils so far as to escape from whatever place they were ordered to be." Thus, it is impossible that the escape would not be taking part inside his head, therefore I drew this as the third biggest thought.
Even after Equality 7-2521 was whipped on his back, he still was glad that he was able to keep the promise of his discovery.
Group of Seniors at Kenmore, WA High School Investigated in Cases of Beatings.
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  1. Hyejune, I really liked your drawing and I think it was one of the most interesting from the Illustrious artist posts. It's interesting how you only put the thoughts Equality had from the book, and not his basic thoughts. It shows me that those are the only things he can think about at the moment, and that everything else doesn't matter. I just think you could have written the words bigger, since it's difficult to see. You described and explained your drawing very well. Nicely done!