Friday, September 12, 2014

connection captain week 4 Pedro Carolo Mizrahi

When I was in sixth grade, I read The Giver, which I found similar to anthem in many different ways. First, both have controlled society. However, in The Giver it isn’t as serious as in Anthem, but they’re still related. In both books, they aren’t allowed to keep secrets from the government, and if they do the are busted they can get in a lot of trouble. Another similarity I noticed in the two books is that they both are assigned jobs instead of choosing by them self. They have to accept the job and go on with their lives doing that job every single day. This shows that the people in the society have very little freedom in their community, and probably will never have freedom. I really enjoyed reading The giver and I am loving to read Anthem, it really caught my attention at first.


I think that the author tried to have some things that are similar to the Middle Ages, when the Catholic Church ruled.  It think this due to the fact, that Catholic Church didn't accept others point of view and ideas as everything was done to favour them. I have came across a quote in the beginning of the book which says, "but the Council of Scholars has said that there are no mysteries, and the Council of Scholars knows all things." for me that was one of the parts that makes the council become so similar to the catholic church. Besides that, the society in the book have similar beliefs to the ones people had in the Middle Ages. In part 1, there is a quote that says. "the earth is flat and the sun revolves around it, which causes the day and the night." This is a belief in common between the Church.


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  1. Pedro,

    I like how your images link to your text. In your first paragraph, you explained clearly how the Giver is related to Anthem, but you also should connect it to the real world. This will help readers understand what this means, because they can relate themselves to what they know about the topic.