Monday, September 8, 2014

Connection Captain Anthems

Connection Captain: This section reminds me of when I’m at home and the electricity is out, because it is pitch black at night and all we have are candles and flash lights.  With flash light and candles I still feel as if I am trapped, because everywhere where your flashlight isn’t the “darkness is swallowing you” Ayn Rand says.  Not only do I feel trapped however I feel as if I am going to hurt myself because when it is so dark and I can’t see I am always feeling around so I don’t step on a edge or anything hard and sharp.  So it’s a hobbit because of past experiences in the dark.

          This section reminds me of when I had held in the fact that I was moving to Brazil  for a long time.  Now they were going to try to tell everyone the truth when the World council of Scholars was going to meet in their city.  Which was like me,  we didn’t tell anyone for a while than when it was the right time we told.   Our situations are almost exactly the same accept for they are going to tell the world council while we are telling our friends and family.  Not only were they telling more people but they were telling more important information which could be a change of their life.

This section reminds me of many movies such as R.E.D.  Which is about how the CIA keeps a secret from the government until a group of retired and extremely dangerous group of old people come and save the day like every other movie accept for this movie there is a group of people trying to keep a secret from the government just like in Anthem where they are trying to keep a secret of what is in the glass box.  However they want to get out of jail before the gathering of the Scholars happens to show them what they have found and discovered.


  1. Adam I thought you post was really good, it was long and not only long but it expressed really well on what you where trying to say. Something I really liked and something you should keep on doing in future blogs is that the pictures you choose, I personally thought the pictures you choose where really creative and innovative. Second thing I found really good on your post was that you put what the question commander needs to do in the begging of the post. Now one thing I would improve on you post is that you need to explain better on why you choose certain image and for the certain purpose. I really liked you post do the necessary revisions and it will be good.

  2. Adam, to begin with, I like the image you put because I thought it was creepy and it caught my attention, I wanted to know why you had chosen that image. I also thought it was cool that you connected with something other than a book. Most connection captains connected to books and movies like Uglies, The Giver, Hunger Games, and Divergent, but you connected to your life. Lastly, I like how you included a quote from the book, and the images made sense. Good job.

  3. Adam,
    I like how you related these pictures to you. In the first paragraph there are a few things you should do. Say and describe what these parts are about, because you jump right in to how these thongs are related to you, but you don't say anything about the book in the paragraph.
    Also, you should add more about the picture. You should describe how this picture is related to the text in the book and add how you think this picture relates to the book. This is because you shouldn't just go strait into your idea, you have to inform then say what you think about the photo or the book.