Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anthem Question Commander part 5-6

Post by Heitor

Question 1#
Why do the leaders of the country or community in Anthem not tell their citizens about the past history?
I believe that the leaders want to keep the past a secret because as we already learned in the book, the leaders want to make and shape their society in their very own way. It is important, since they want to create their society the way they did, to manipulate it´s inhabitants. The leaders do that by keeping them away from the past and making they believe that the only right way to live, is their own.

Question 2#
Will any other communities or countries try to break the dictatorship in Anthem?
Personally I believe so, because Anthem's world is too small for a whole planet and even though there aren't any signs of life outside said country, I don't think other countries would stand by as another countriy loses it's freedom.


  1. Heitor, just before I read your post I could tell that it was incomplete. You were supposed to have three questions and you only managed to post two. Also before reading, I noticed that your answers were a little too short, but that was just an observation. On your first question, I agreed to you and thought your answer was very good, I just thought you could add some more thoughts and opinions of your own. It's great what you wrote. Just try to write a little more!
    For your second question, I had to think a bit more before I actually answered it in my head. Although I agreed with you, I just thought that it wasn't a very relevant question to ask. I'm not saying it was wrong or anything I just thought you could've asked another question more related to the main topic. Again, your answer, for me, was indeed, a little incomplete. You only answered in a few sentences when you could have answered in a few paragraphs.
    After all I came upon a conclusion. Your post was incomplete, but it had some good thinking involved, you just had to continue on.

    1. Sorry, I forgot something. You also didn't add the links to the images you posted.

  2. Heitor I think you should put a little more effort to your post. One thing I could notice even before reading was that it was incomplete. I was clearly stated that you had to put 3 questions on your post and you didn't do that. For your future post you need to pay more attention on what your task is for you role.

  3. Heitor,I agree with Giulia that before reading your post I noticed that there should be 3 questions and you only wrote 2. Also, I think your first question was a little basic and you could have gone deeper and asked asked something where the answer would be more than one sentence, and would help the reader to further understand the story. I agree with your answers for your questions, but you could have added more to them like connections and predictions you have. Lastly, I don't understand how your images tie with your questions or answers, so you could have made it more clear. Overall, you could have payed more attention to the description for your task as question commander.

  4. Heitor,
    I enjoyed reading your post but think you should of thought more on the second image. Everybody on the planet is in between their perspective of past and future known as your present. I feel like Anthem is one huge metaphor, nothing even means the thing you think it means for the first time. I feel like you lacked the emotion in your post. I couldn't imagine your voice reading in my head which I usually can. However, your post was still interesting for me to interpret.

  5. Heitor,
    I agree with the answer that you gave to both question. I agree with the idea that the society tries to make and shape their society in their very own way and because of that they want to hide the past, however I don't see how things like electricity would affect the way that the council wants the society to be. Sincerely I had not thought about the idea that there could be outer countries in the plate in this book, but know that you maintained it I agree with you, I agree that there will be another country that will help to go against the council. Heitor do you do you have an idea why they keep simple things like electricity from the society?

  6. Great blog post Heitor, I totally agree with your analysis for both questions. When you are talking about manipulating there citizens don't you think there wouldn't be a home of scholars or anything that would help them create and invent there own things. This could contribute to the repetition of history for this time period could be in the future or in the past of were we stand now. I am a little confused on this.

  7. Heitor,
    I found your first question pretty interesting because it is something that I have often wondered while reading this book. I have come to the conclusion that it is possible that the council is not purposefully hiding this part of history but instead it has been forgotten. I think that maybe the history of the world became something not widely talked about and people slowly lost interest in it. Maybe when the unmentionable times ware destroyed all written histories of the world were destroyed as well and the stories were passed down by word of mouth.Then the stories might have stopped being passed down until nobody even remembered that they had ever existed. The concept that important parts of history can just disappear is kind of crazy when you think about it. Good questions.

  8. Heitor,

    I really enjoyed both your first and second questions. I felt that their answers were clear and simple. I totally agree with Katie. I believe that the Council isn't hiding something from them, it's cause it's forgotten. This reminds me of City of Ember. What do you guys think?