Monday, September 8, 2014

Question Commander Parts 5 & 6

Below are the questions that thinking question that I came up with for this week. As you will notice I use Equality many times because I don't know if I should refer Equality by "them" or "him", as you will see in my first question. 

Question 1:
Do you believe that Equality 7-2521 and Golden One is one person, or a group of people?
          When I began to read this book, Equality 7-2521 struck me to be a group of outcasts from the community. Except, once the story progressed and Golden One should up, and the writing of Ayn Rand become confusing to understand the story if I stuck to the theory of Equality and Golden One being a group. An example of this is when Golden One is referred to "The  Golden One". In my opinion when I hear "the" before a noun that automatically simulates in my mind one. In other words, when I hear "The Golden One" I can't help but think about one person only. However, there are other moments in the story when I think that Equality is a group of people because of the language used. Such as, the use of the word "we" is almost always used when referring to Equality 7-2521. Therefore, it is quite difficult to understand if the story has two main characters or main groups of characters. So, what do you think? Is Equality 7-2521 and Golden One groups of people? 

Question 2: 
Does the council know the capabilities of the Equality figuring hidden things out, therefore putting Equality in a practically un-important job?  
          All of us reading Anthem know that obviously Equality was given a undesirable job, and basically a useless one. Despite Equality 7- 2521 being physically strong of something more helpful, Equality is also mentally capable of being in the House of Scholars. So, that made me speculate way did the council give this terrible suited job to Equality. I could only think of one thing, which was that they are scared that something top secret is discovered by this different mind. For instance, in the movie/book Divergent, everyone who has a different mind (a divergent mind) is killed because of their amazing mind capabilities. By doing this, the society is free of having the possibility of someone discovering their secrets. In reference to this, it makes perfect sense to why the council would give a useless job to Equality, because that is similar to what they did to the different minds in Divergent. Moreover, the council probably did this to keep Equality farthest away from any kind of past history information possible, since they know the exceptionally smart mind of Equality.  Yes, I may be wrong, but there are many ways to views this. So, what do you think, was this job given to Equality for this reason? 



  1. Good post Sabrina. I really liked your post in the overall even though there are some things you may improve on. One thing i liked about your post is the fact that after you wrote the question you got really personal and deep about the question. Something that I would improve on your post is to expand your question. In the overall I really liked you post.

  2. Sabrina,
    I thought you post was very thoughtful because I could tell you thought for a while on the question you were going to ask from how specific they are. Also I think that your post was very well planned out because I could see how you started out with you strong opinion and stood strong until the end of your explanation you asked a question. I think I can really learn from that because when I was reading and got to the end of each explanation you asked me this question which made me stop and think. How would my explanation be different from hers?

  3. Sabrina,
    I think your post was very thought through it not only boosts my thinking but just makes me believe more of I had thought before. I believe that "The golden one" is a young female. I really like the way you explained it all out almost if you were making sure everybody was still with you, and knew what you were talking about. I don't think I saw any grammar mistakes which makes the post professional and easy to read.
    Thank you for boosting my thinking!

  4. Great post, Sabrina.

    Do you believe that Equality 7-2521 and Golden One is one person, or a group of people?

    I believe Equality and the Golden One are two people, instead of a group. In their society, brotherhood is the most important thing and as it states in the book, "WE ARE ONE IN ALL AND ALL IN ONE. THERE ARE NO MEN BUT ONLY THE GREAT WE, ONE, INDIVISIBLE AND FOREVER."

    This quote alone, basically explains my thoughts such as the one that they might believe that one person alone has no power, the word "I" or "me"does not have any value, especially compared to "THE GREAT WE."

  5. Sabrina,

    Great post overall! I really did enjoy reading this blog post. The question I chose was: "Does the council know the capabilities of the Equality figuring hidden things out, therefore putting Equality in a practically un-important job?" To be honest, yes, I do. And they are doing this for a purpose. Perhaps it's to give the reader a feeling that the Council doesn't know that Equality has the mind to do things people can't. What do you think?

  6. I want to answer question #1. I believe that it's one person. I have to agree with you that at first I thought it was a group but later hints showed me I was wrong. As I wrote in my own post the numbers are their names,meaning everyone has their own number. Some hints that showed me that Ayn Rand was talking about one person was how they she explained in her writing that instead of saying "I", they say "We". So I started replacing us or we with I and the book made more sense. Also if the book is going to end like every story - Giver - Uglies - City of Ember: I believe they are going to learn individualism and learn to say I, so more to the end there will be a turn no we or us but I. I would also like to answer your question #2. I think they assigned a minor job because through the book we learned that Equality is smarter then the others where he really wants to be a part of the Council of Scholars. The rulers fear this because they may lead to things such has technology where they are unprepared to deal with, so they give him a minor job where they hope he will forget his dreams and do his work, and not threaten their system with technological advances.

  7. Sabrina, your post was thought very deeply and your questions were very unique. For the first question, I was very surprised, because everyone else reads the book thinking that Equality 7-2521 is one person. However, after reading your response, I understand what you mean by the writing style of Ayn Rand is confusing. Still, I think Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 are one person. This is because first of all, Equality 7-2521 calls Liberty 5-3000 "the Golden One", like you said, but because it is "One", not "Ones". If she was a group of people, Equality 7-2521 would call her "the Golden Ones", or something similar to that. Moreover, there is a line that says "our voice was the clearest, the steadiest voice in the hall that day," in Part 1. The author has written "our voice" instead of "our voices", which proves that Equality 7-2521 has one voice, therefore he is one person as well. Overall, good post! (Anthem Part 1)