Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anthem Parts 7/8 Illustrious Artist

          For parts seven and eight of Anthem, I decided to draw Equality 7-2521 showing the scholars his box with the light. On the left is the reaction he thought they would have after seeing the box, and on the right is their actual reaction in the book. I drew this because I wanted to emphasize the fact that Equality thought that they would praise him and accept his gift, but they didn't like it at all. He thought it was such a good idea, and he had high expectations, but it was obvious to me that the scholars wouldn't be pleased.
          It is kind of hard to see, but in both pictures Equality has a thought bubble with an exclamation point in it. This is to show his excitement and eagerness to see the scholar's reactions. On the left, the scholars are thinking "WOW!" and on the right they are thinking "what is he doing?" because that is what I think both reactions look/would look like. Lastly, I drew everything in a simple black and white, because I wanted to show that the box with light (the red thing in the middle)  was the most important thing in the room, and everyone's attention was on it.

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