Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anthem Parts 9-10, Line Illuminator

Anthem, by Ayn Rand

     "We have followed you," they said, "and we shall follow you wherever you go. If danger threatens you, we shall face it also. If it be death, we shall die with you. You are damned, and we wish to share your damnation."
     I chose this quote because it ensured me that Liberty 5-000 truly loves Equality now and it gave me the thought that they will stay together forever. Now, Liberty 5-000 doesn't care about breaking the laws anymore. She thinks like Equality which was the cause of love between them and it made me more curious about what will happen in the story and if the love will impact the story.

     "We bent to raise the Golden One to their feet, but when we touched them, it was as if madness had stricken us. We seized their body and we pressed our lips to theirs. "

     This quote clearly represents love between Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-000. I believe that it made the audience 100% sure that the two characters love each other. I have been thinking till now that love has been growing between them since they met each other. However, there were some people who thought that it wasn't love. They thought that it was a feeling of panic because they broke the laws. This quote ensured the readers that the strange feeling which Equality mentioned was love. 

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  1. Ryoung, I agree with you that Parts 9 and 10 showed the love between Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521. However, I disagree that the second quote made the readers 100% sure that they love each other. When I read that quote, I was just like: "Oh, they love each other." However, when I read the first one, the first thing that came to my mind was: "WOW. They must love each other a lot, to make such a hard decision to just get independent from the whole community and commit such a serious crime." Also, it says in Part 9 that "Their white tunic was torn, and the branches had cut the skins of their arms, but they spoke as if they had never taken notice of it, nor of weariness, nor of fear." This showed me that Liberty 5-3000 took no notice of herself because she was so delighted to see Equality 7-2521 once again.

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