Monday, August 25, 2014

Illustrious Artist



     I chose to draw the image of the deep tunnel in the uncharted forest because it sounded like the biggest transgression of them all. It was mysterious because Equality 7-2521 was trying to hide the tunnel and keep it for themselves. They would obviously die if the council knows this however, this scene showed me that Equality 7-2521 is not like the others. I wonder if other mysterious tunnels or place exists. 
     I drew people in different sizes because The Sweepers are people who are abnormal. They do not match in size, smartness and personality like the others. They think differently from others. However, I drew their hair the same because I wanted to show that the society wants everyone to be the same. No men may be more enthusiastic than one another. 
     Also, I tried to draw that International 4-8818 staying far from the tunnel because they were frightened and panicking if they should tell the councils or stay quiet about their discovery. I colored the tunnel with led to express that there is no light. 


  1. Ryoung,
    I like how you made the tunnel as it means the book in not so much a literal way but as a mindset. They way you drew it really reminds me of a puppet show I did in Mr. Beck's class year on The People of Sparks. Your post was easy to understand because you wrote exactly what was on your drawing which I found to be very helpful.
    You're a great artist!-Julianna(Juli)

  2. I like your picture very much! I had thought of the place as a rusty, old tunnel, but you imagined it differently, which I find great. The only real problem is that I think Equality is only one person. You imagined him (which is comepletely understandble) as "we" because the book is in second person. Overall, this is a good post

  3. Hi Lucas. First of all, thanks for making me notice the mistake I have been making while reading. I have been misunderstanding and thought that Equality- 72521 were several people. However, I just realized that it was only one person. Also, the picture represents Equality 7-2521 and International 4-8818 just peeking through the dark and deep hole. I also thought that the tunnel would be a rusty and endlessly deep. Overall, I think that your comment will help me while continuing reading the book Anthem.

  4. What a great drawing. I like how you have represented this very important scene from the book. I like how you portrayed the scene as a luscious field full of trees. I kind of imagined it as a desolate place full of weeds like its been forgotten. Overall you drawing has put a different image into my minds of the setting of the plot.

  5. Ryoung, I agreed with you and with all you said, but the only thing I would like to add is that, I thought that you could've showed that they are all equal, not because of their hair color, but because of some physical appearances; like the same clothes or the same shoes or whatever. Great Post by the way!