Monday, August 25, 2014

Adam Risk Taking Researcher Part 1 Part 2

          I think that there was a main point in this book which is socialism.  Socialism I think is very important because and it needs to be shown to everyone.  So if you don't see it happening in the book than your not comprehending it.  Because last year in the books we read which are ties that bind ties that break and the Giver it shows that the same type of government set up as in Anthem.  Especially the Giver because everyone in the Giver's society is equal.  There is no money or middle class.  It is a society where everyone has the same.  Just like in Anthems.    Anthems and The Giver have a lot in common when your talking about government and political causes.  Also Anthems is a little bit different when you get in to deeper details about problems plot and different things that put the book together.


  1. Very good post I like that you followed your directions and did everything it was asked for you also compared anthem with the giver I think that was really creative and powerful. One thing I would improve was to give more details about the book and talk more about it.

  2. Great way to compare anthem to other books to help better understand our knowledge on the type of government. Just like anthem the uglies had a similar concept. I think that both books revolve around the theme of the past and in a way are showing how repeating the past should be avoided at all costs even if it meant that ever body had to be exactly the same.

  3. I liked how you compared Anthem, to the books that we read last year, because they share and talk about similar things. One thing that I have noticed so far in the book, that the way that the society that the people in the book Anthem live in, is controlled by a group of people, just like in the Giver. One thing that I think that you should work on is just the transition and the organization of your post, it was just a little bit hard for me to read the first time.