Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anthem Part 3-4 Illustrious Artist

Andrew Fischer
Illustrious Artist
August 31, 2014

     Anthem: Illustrious Artist

     Line From Part 3:

     "We put a piece of copper and a piece of zinc into a jar of brine, we touched a wire to them, and there, under our fingers, was a miracle which had never occurred before, a new miracle and a new power."


     This illustration shows the part of the book when Equality 7-2521 put 3 things into a jar, brine, copper, and zinc. When Equality 7-2521 did this they were shocked because a new miracle and a new power was created. But the discovery haunted them. This discovery haunted Equality 7-2521 because they kept finding ways to describe it and then they found out that it is the greatest power on Earth. Also, they found that it defies all the laws known to man.
     I drew this picture because I thought it was one of the main pints in these two parts, because putting these things in a jar created something great. I drew the copper wire coming out of the jar to show that it will connect to something out of the jar. Also, the copper wire is attached to the pieces of zinc to show these items are linked. In addition, I also drew the brine filling the whole jar because it's a liquid, and liquids fill up the space it is in.

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  1. I think your drawing is very good and that your explanation is very detailed, but one thing i noticed is that you wrote "When Equality 7-2521 did this they were shocked.." I just want to remind you that Equality 7-2521 is one person. Besides that great job.