Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ariana L- Question Commander

From what i have read so far, many questions came into my mind, for instance:  

1. Why do you think men and women are separated? 

I personally think that men and women are separated from each other because, i feel like the government wants everyone to dedicate every day to there work and to their responsibilities not to fall in love with somebody, so that everything goes smoothly.

In part three Equality 7-2521 dissects a dead frog that was attached to a coper wire and saw that its leg jerked, because he just created electricity but doesn't know the word for what he has just created. After doing more experiments like this he finds he can make magnets move and he creates a lightning rod. He feels like he discovered something that has never been discovered before, not even in the time of the Unmentionable. This leads me to my second question.

2. Why do you think the government kept all these things like electricity hidden from everyone?

In my opinion, I think the government kept these things from everyone because, when the unmentionable times defeated came to an end  and a new government came in place, they didn't want anything to be like before, they wanted all these things to be  destroyed so that they could avoid having another defeat. 

3.Do you understand what happened between the Golden One and Equality 7-2521in Part 4?

I'm not quite sure i fully understood what happened between them, but what i fully know happened  is that he realized that besides the fact that she dislikes the world as much as he does, she will probably obey him. And another thing that happened was that even though it is forbidden they both told each other that they have different names for each other. The rest i am not quite sure what exactly happened.


  1. Hi Ariana, your post is very detailed and your images are great! Next time try to add a hyper link instead of the actual URL and double check spelling. Besides that, your post is great!

    2. Why do you think the government kept all these things like electricity hidden from everyone?

    I kind of agree with you, the government seems to be keeping many secrets from the society. As I also said in my own post, this has probably something to do with the Unmentionable Times. They probably had committed many mistakes which led to their extinction. The "survivors" probably created a new society, the one Equality7-2521 lives in. They might have forbidden certain things which had led to the Unmentinable's extinction. As those things were forbidden, they weren't passed down from generation to generation so I became unknown to all, maybe even a secret. The "survivors" and their future generations had to adapt their way of life since many useful and common things such as electricity, became forbidden or even a secret.

    How do you think certain things became forbidden?

  2. Ariana, I think question 2, Why do you think the government kept all these things like electricity hidden from everyone?, is good because it focuses on why Equality 7-2521 didn't know the name of the thing that made the frog jerk.
    I think you should add more about why the government doesn't want things to be like before. Also, you should add more because you only explained that the government took away these things from the past so they wouldn't be defeated.
    Also, what do you mean when you said the government wants to avoid another defeat? Did you mean a war or an argument?

  3. Ariana,
    Great questions! I think they separate men from women in order to keep uniform and not have any men fall in love with a woman and vice versa. Also, it keeps them from getting intimate and also gives some more uniform. Something that I also realized is that they want everyone to be equal but how can you be equal if people are separated by genders? To answer your next question, I think they kept electricity and things like that away from people because they wanted for their community to be one way and the way they wanted it to be was without electricity then there is no reason why to tell people that it exists anyways.
    Thank you for your time

  4. Ariana,

    I really enjoyed your post, especially question #2, when you said you thought the government kept electricity hidden from everyone. It causes a really good conversation to whether you think this is true or not. Personally, I don't think so. If so, they would've discovered it by now. What do you think?

    Mathaus Silva

    1. Mathaus,

      I think your question is a really good one because, it really made me think. One part of me completely agrees with you, but the other part doesn't because, I kind of find it suspicious how it has not been discovered yet if there are traces that it existed.