Monday, August 25, 2014

Connection Caption- Part 1 & 2

While I was reading these first two parts of the novel, the only thing that I could think is about was the book The Giver. I believe that the main reasons couldn't forget The Giver while I was reading this book was because, both stories seem to be happening at the same time period (after our apocalypse), both stories share the same problems, and both stories seem to have the citizens bound to regulation of the community. Anthem does have some differences regarding The Giver, which I am very excited to see. However, having these two books be quite similar can be a good thing and a bad thing since the Anthem might start becoming a replica of The Giver to me. 

           The passage that I read that made me mostly think about the The Giver was the following: The Council of Vocations came on the first day of spring, and they sat in the great hall. And we who were fifteen and all the Teachers came into the great hall. And the Council of Vocations sat on a high dais, and they had but two words to speak to each of the Students. They called the Students' names, and when the Students stepped before them, one after another, the Council said: "Carpenter" or "Doctor" or "Cook" or "Leader." Then each Student raised their right arm and said: "The will of our brothers be done." This event was similar to the part in The Giver when Jonas (the main character) and the people of his age were called up to the stage to receive there jobs. While I was reading the passage above in Part One I could vividly see the same image that I saw when I was reading the similar passage in The Giver. Regarding what I said before, this passage of Anthem being very similar to The Giver is a good thing because I have already seen an image of this scene happening, so it is easier for me to understand the novel. 


  1. I also agree that both books seem to be very similar in ideas, however I do not think the Giver is the only book with similar main idea. Uglies has the same points, set after an apocalypse, the main character struggles to follow the Utopias strict rules. If you notice in Uglies and the Giver the main character runs away because they do not agree with the Utopia’s rules. So far Anthem seems to be following the same type of storyline as Uglies and The Giver. So do you think our main character will run away as the main characters in The Giver and Uglies?

  2. Great job Adam, I agree with you that this book sounds a lot like the giver and I also agree with Cian because The Uglies also has the same type of them, but however Anthem has a stronger image when you compared the passage from Anthem. I also agree with you when you said "I have already seen an image of this scene happening, so it is easier for me to understand the novel. " I strongly agree with this passage because its true. If you have seen the same type of scene from the book before, then you are going to get a better understanding because you can just remember and compare it to that passage you already have. Otherwise great post Adam and good job.