Sunday, May 3, 2015

When Society is Silenced

Image result for Soviet Union Anthem, by Ayn Rand, is about the adventures of Equality 7-2521, as he lives in a strict environment he wishes to escape. What's special about this book, is that there is no such thing as: I, me, my etc. This is what creates the book to be so controversial, the people were stripped of the right to speak as themselves. This book was written near to time that the Soviet Union was created, so one could easily assume that the majority power in this book reflects the majority power in real life. In this case the Soviet Union was the majority power.

  Moving on, the society in general was not aware of the amount of control they were under. However, the main character slowly breaks free from the powerless ways through out the book. Many times, he is challenged with an idea of unity. And if he were to leave the town, he would break unity within the society. Another idea I noticed Equality 7-2521 go though is if he should warn the others. Should he tells others what he has found? Or, should equality keep this idea to himself? Therefore truly breaking the idea of Unity he was taught to believe.

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