Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gabe. Historical Content

It is self-evident that this book is highly influenced by the creation and the government in the Soviet Union. The reason I find so is that because the author, Ayn Rand had lived during this period of time leading to my belief that her experience during this age led to her very critical belief’s, one of them being her dislike for the communist system, in which she believes the capitalist belief of self-achievement is essential to the development of the human race, for she believes that without competition we would be nowhere.
The reason these events are essential to understanding the philosophy behind Anthem is because some may say that Anthem is some form of a communist realm, in which almost everything is controlled and regulated. This could be considered the “perfect” communist world but in truth as Ayn Rand chooses to depict it, it is a waste of the human race’s potential and knowledge. This is evident throughout the book with one area being the destroyed cities, and the discovery of the ancient tunnel, one of their forgotten past. Also with the shift in Equalities behaviors and emotions Ayn Rand in a way is saying that the human spirit is unconquerable or unquenchable, and that it will always burn on. Another cultural event that may have affected the novel were Ayn Rand’s experience growing up through the development and end of the Soviet Union.
This is evident in the feelings Equality has because throughout the book Equality seems to grow up in fast forward, maturing and learning to think for his own good. Ayn Rand may have gone through the same experience learning what truly was happening in her communist home, and learned where the system was flawed. This is why many believe that in this book by Ayn Rand, like many of her other ones; she reflects her philosophy within the plot of the book.

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