Monday, May 18, 2015

Literary Analysis- Bernardo

How does the protagonist change from the beginning to the end of the novel? What does this character learn about himself (or herself) and about how the world works?

Equality 7-2521 was like everyone else. He followed the order of collectivism. However, one day he was sent to clean one street, with a peculiar spot. It lead type of shaft. It was dark, and contained the past. In that particular shaft, there were belongings of the old times, where actual individualism was everywhere.  Equality 7-2521 was curious and tried some of the objects out. Later, he found out that some objects that enters in contacts, with other objects, make light, or fire. He then started to think individual, because he wanted to find out more about his past. In the end, he discovers the word “I”, and uses to liberate him from this world. He call the Golden One, and says what he discovers. Than the Golden One says that she loves him. Equality 7-2521 renamed themselves. Equality turned to Prometheus, and Golden One into Gaea. (Prometheus and Gaea are considered, for the ancient Greeks, to be the father of man kind.) He discovers that the world is not how it should meant to be, but sharing this idea to a unreliable person would lead to caos, and probably death. He also discovered that the way they live, are not the most efficient way, and that individualism is the best way, because than everyone has their own thoughts and opinion. 

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