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Blog Post #1 - Question Commander - Guilherme Tobinaga B.Z. de Oliveira.



Ayn Rand

Part I & II

Question Commander

Question: Why are people called by a velue or right and the an number (e.g.. Liberty 5-3000)

Resultado de imagem para manipulationAnswer: Until know the book does not give any clarification to why this strange element is present, but I have enough information to build my own hypothesis. I think that the world that they live now is a near future, where technoloy is no longer present if compared to the modern days. They do everything 'old style'. They have no cars, no electricity. They use a candle as a form of light inside their home during the night, and consider glass and candles, very, very modern inventions. I think that the world is like this, because maybe there was a war bigger than WWII and it was succesful. The past genaration was killed and the world wa repopulated by these people that are completely 'mindwashed'. They were raised to think that emotions and feeling are inexisting and if you have them you were an out law. In this world no one has their own opinion about nothing. Even the amount of life they have is manipulated

Question: What is the setting of the book? Why doesent the author give specific detail to the location they are on?

Until now we've recieved verry little information about the setting. We know that they live in a very well planned city and that people dont have their own houses they live in houses depending on their job or current stage in life. We also know that there are different cities or some sort of neighbour hoods around them, however, those are also communaties of one specific job or stage in life.
I think that Ayn Rand does not give much detail or an exact location to the setting because it would give him too much hard work to explain and give reasoning of how that aspect would still maintain that world perfect.


Question: What is the importance of the unspeakable word?

Answer: I think that the word is probably 'war' or 'hatred' because in the book the most evil things to 'do' is to feel. So in the book the most outlaw thing to do is to create a disturbance in peace or to change peoples mids over the world they currently live on. Something that 'they' are doing now.

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  1. Guilherme,

    I believe that the reason that people are name by a right and then a number (one example being liberty 5-3000) is because they want to maybe remind people of a basic right. Also the number part may mean that the first number is the generation, and the second is the number he is in the current generation.
    I would also like to respond to you last question. I believe that the unspeakable word is 'Greed' because in the community they live in is just like the perfect communist world, causing me to believe that since greed is what causes capitalism, the complete opposite of Communism, this is the forbidden word. What do you think?