Monday, April 13, 2015

Bernardo Week #1- Anthem- Ilustration Artist

We just started Reading the book Anthem written by Ayn Rand. I read a little summary about the book and it state: “Rand intended Anthem to be a scathing critique of collectivism, which can be defined as any philosophy that subordinates the individual to the well being of the community, or collective.”  In this little summary, it also states that in the book, there is no individualism, and more collectivism. Therefore, when the main character speaks, he says “we” instead of “I”. My idea is that the book happens in the future, where a country makes a revolution “kills” the individualism, and becomes collective country, where no one can stay alone in no circumstances. If they decide to be alone, the government will think that you do not support the ideology, and you will be judge or killed. 

This picture connects with the book because one person is shouting “Me!” when the others are asking themselves “We?”. This shows the man who is individual can make decision faster compared to a group, because the group will have someone to argue with. Also the group will have problems finding a solution because they have different opinion.


  1. Bernardo, I really like your post about the picture connecting the book from me to we. But I think you were supposed to draw the post. But I agree to your post of an individual can make faster decisions compared to a normal group. But I think sometimes a group can make greater decisions due to the fact that many people are different and the people know different stuff. So when a group makes a decision, they make a greater decision but a slower decision than a normal individual. So an individual will make a less greater decision but a faster decision of what they want to choose to do.

  2. Bernardo, I think that your post is really thoughtful. Nevertheless, i think that a group will do make better decisions or a correct decision better because more is always better. Of course an individual might be able to think faster than a group but faster does not always mean more accurate.