Sunday, March 8, 2015

Literary Analysis - Victor B


Parts 7-8

What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?

Identity and Loyalty

While reading the book Anthem by Ayn Rand the reader noticed that identity and loyalty are two important themes of the book. To begin with, people that live in this society can't have their own identity. Any items that can help someone create their own identity is prohibited and against the rules of the community. The main plot of the story is when the main character starts to think more about himself then more about his community like everyone else does. This ''I'' and ''WE'' situation is very important to the story because no one says I, instead they see we when referring to anything in their community. Most of the times this can be very confusing to the reader because in our community we use both I and we. In addition, it is fundamental that every member of this community is loyal to their community. Every member has to live and work for the ''great WE''. One important rule that every member has to follow is the Transgression of Preference in which everyone needs to have the same caring to every person that is member of the community. One of the conflicts the main character goes through the book is when he starts to notice that he is losing his loyalty to the community when he starts to become a ''normal'' person.

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