Monday, March 9, 2015

Literary Analysis Robert Gibbs

Is the book’s structure chronological or does it move back and forth between past and present?  Does the author use a single (first or third person) viewpoint or shifting points of view?  Why might the author have chosen to tell the story this way and how does it influence the reader’s understanding?

The book anthem mostly flows in a chronological order, but at points in the book it will talk about the dark times which are basically the times we are living in now. The book moves in chronological order already starting in the future, which is interesting considering that the book was written 60 years ago.

The author writes as if he is Equality and explains life as if she were the one living it. The authors point of view is always talking about how the character felt.

I believe the author chose the do this almost like the author of Ivan Denisovich because it brings the reader into the characters position. The reader immediately after the decode the languages for the first time get immersed into the book and feel like they are a valid part of the story. This also make the reader emotionally attached to the characters and their actions in the book. Being attached to the characters you really start to see from their perspective either the problem or the ideas that work out and how the world is. Telling the story from this perspective also opens up many doors and closets filled with detail such as describing the tunnel that he found or how he really felt that he was going to die because he kept this big secret from the council.

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