Saturday, March 7, 2015

Literary Analysis - Jorge Ribeiro

Jorge Ribeiro

Literary analysis


Ayn Rand

Rotation 4

Part 7 and 8

What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?

While I read part 7 and 8 from Anthem. many themes came into my head. The main theme that I found, was discovery. I think of discovery, because of the society in the book Anthem. In Anthem, the leaders of thsi society knows about things, but they just wont tell the citizens, and the citizens when they discover something that the leaders were hiding from them, they say they discovered something new. This can cause a lot of conflict over, because Equality is discovering something that was already discovered, but he is actually not discovering new things, but what he is actually discovering, is what the leaders are hiding from him and what the leaders are not hiding.

Another theme which popped up was fear. This theme popped up for me, because in the book Anthem, Equality and the others, are afraid to go against the system, being that, they are all the time saying that they regret doing a certain thing, and they don´t fear going against the system itself, but what they do fear is the punishment that awaits for those who defy the system. One example of their fear, is in part 7, the last line, we are writing this on the paper we had hidden in our tunic together with the written pages we had brought for the World Council of Scholars, but never given to them. We have much to speak of to ourselves, and we hope we shall find the words for it in the days to come. Now, we cannot speak, for we cannot understand. This line talks about how they will tell the councel about what is happening, but they must first understand it themselves, and someone might say, it is fine, there is no fear in there. When I look at this, I see fear, when they state they must first know what is happening themselves, what I visualize, is just another excuse so that they will not need to talk to the councel, so that it will buy them some time.

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