Friday, March 6, 2015

Line Illuminator– Daniel Choe

Student: Daniel Choe

Book: Anthem

Author: Any Rand

Role #1 Line Illuminator

Parts: 5 and 6

While reading more of the book, I noticed some interesting and important sentences.

The first sentence starts at chapter 5, where Equality 7-2521 states, " We could not conceive of that which we had created. We had touched no flint, made no fire. Yet here was light, light that came from nowhere, light from the heart of metal." First, to begin why this sentence is important, background information is needed. In this society that Equality lives in, people do not use electricity as the authorities of that civilization never told the citizens about it, making each of the people have zero knowledge about electricity. That being said, Equality decided to research about the world on his own since he was curious about the information that the authorities concealed from him. Now, going back to the sentence, the quote explains that Equality discovered electricity, and how the electricity could be used to generate light in objects such as lightbulbs. This is extremely important for the book because no one from the society knows about electricity and what it is used for, and by the fact that Equality knows about it, he can tell the whole civilization about his knew discovery, which will make the people start on making new projects involving electricity. Continuing, this idea of "making new things with electricity" is important because it helps people in a way. In real life, people use cell phones, cars, televisions, and much more, and they are all moved by electricity. These items helps us navigate from a place to another faster, contact people easier, and a lot more. Going back to the book, we can see that telling about electricity is important because it would help their society grow as they would make new inventions which would enhance their community.

<Image of "Electricity">

The second sentence is located on chapter 6, where Equality states, "And we answered: 'We will not tell you.'" This sentence is important because of the idea of "different".  Going into detail, the book "Anthem" is all about how the council manipulates everyones' minds so that they all have to obey them, and only them. Because of this, no one in their "world" is different. They all do the same thing, and they all agree doing the same thing is correct. This is terrible because if the authorities make a mistake, and they do not know it, everyone in the society will think that making the mistake is correct, meaning that the people will do a wrong act, while they think it is correct. Now, this idea is important to the quote because the quote shows that Equality decides to change from being the same to being different, even if the council states never to be different. Adding on, because of his urge to be unique, he can show his society of how to be different, showing the idea is very important to the situation. In real life, being unique is something good as you have a different perspective of what you are seeing. To explain better, everyone has different ideas, meaning that every solution is basically (not always) a mixture of different thoughts from multiple people. Enhancing the idea, the thought of different people creating something new together is crucial as it shows working with more people will have a more diverse solution, since there is more ideas to work with (The only flaw is that more people means more arguments, showing that more people can have better ideas, but the solution is much harder to accomplish). Going back to the book, Equality trying to share his ideas (or in other words, trying to be different) is important because it will help Equality and his community in the future, as they will have more ideas to work with to try to create a better place to live.

<Image of "Being Different">

Overall, these were the lines that caught my attention.

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