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Words Whisperer- Ha Marron

Ha Marron
Word Whisperer
By Ayn Rand
Rotation #1
Part 1 & 2

Since the very first word I read from Anthem I felt amazed by the way the author wrote this novel, so full of strong vocabulary and stylistic techniques.
The world where Equality 7-2521 lives is a world where everyone is equal, where no one can love another human being more that the other, where voices are silent. This is why Equality is writing this book, to show his feelings about the word that surround him, this is a crime in his city though. The book in general has several metaphors, imagery and the special flitch of saying we everytime you want to say I, sometimes this makes it confusing but the style is clearly imparted.  

Metaphor: “It is as if we were speaking alone to no ears but our own.“ (page 39)
This metaphor appears at the very beginning of the book when Equality 7-2521 is telling us why is prohibited to write in his society. He is laying alone is this cave that he found and he is writing just for him, as it´s said for no one but for him. The impression I had when I read this phrase was how dangerous was to express your feelings in this uncommon society, and how Equality 7-2521 was hidden from everyone and everything. In Anthem metaphors are constantly use to express in how extreme conditions people were living in this community, that literal words wouldn't be able to explain.

Hyperbole: “Oh! We were born with a curse!“ (page 40)
Equality 7-2521 is trying to express how it feels to be different from his brothers. To be curious, to ask questions and even to be taller than his brothers was consider evil, and the worst thing is that even himself believed it. After reading this part of the book a feeling of sorrow invaded me. How sad it is to be consider different for things no one can not understand. I think that for our author was very important to leave clear the idea that people in Anthem would stick to their beliefs no matter what and the unknown and mysterious was dangerous.

Imagery: “[…] in those Unmentionable Times, and of the wagons which moves without horses, and of the lights which burned without flames. But those times were evil.”

This probably means that this “Unmentionable Time” happened in the past and most important it was maybe the time we're living today. Like it says “wagons that move without horses” maybe cars. “Lights that burned without flames” maybe electricity. Therefore Rand is creating this image in our heads where revolutionary ideas were prohibited and looking either forward to the future or backwards to the past was too. She says that this times were “evil” so that people must not talk about this era.

Simile: “Their body was straight and thin as the blade of iron […] Their hair was as golden as the sun”

In this part of the book Equality 7-2521 first saw Liberty 5-3000 and he fell deeply in love with her. He compares her features to the nature to exemplify how beautiful she was. Just like in several times throughout the book simile is used to describe something more deeply, in this case the author shows us that this girl was one of the most beautiful ones and she opens a space for this romance to be an essential part of the story.


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