Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher - Gabi Campos

Anthem by Ayn Rand
Chapters 11 - 12
Risk Taking Researcher

For this rotation, I decided to be a risk taking researcher and I realised that the both names that Equality 7-2125 and Liberty 5-3000 where names of gods, or better, titans from greek mythology. Prometheus, the name chosen for Equality 7-2125 was the god responsible for giving the humans fire (according to the brief description presented in the book). However, the name chosen for Liberty 5-3000 was Gaea and I being the fan of greek mythology that I am, I realised that Rand hadn't provided such a description for this primordial goddess, therefore I decided to research some more about Gaea.

Gaea is the primordial greek goddess of the Earth. Her former husband was Ouranos, the greek god of the sky, but her current husband is Tartarus who is the primordial greek protogenous of the abyss. Gaea was the third (in some stories first) being to arise from Chaos at the beginning of time along with Erebos, Nyx, Tartarus, and Akhlys. Though sometimes presented as a maternal figure, particularly toward her Titan children, she can also be very cruel. In Greek Mythology, she mainly exists as an enemy of the Olympians, sending Typhon and later the Giants to overthrow them. She is however, ironically somewhat responsible for their rise to power.

She mated with her son Ouranos to produce the rest of the titans, thus making her the grandmother of the Olympians.

I chose this image to represent what was mentioned above because I feel as if this is the most accurate representation of the primordial goddess, however it is unknown the exact color of her hair and skin, thus why you may come across several images on the internet in which Gaea is represented differently.

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