Sunday, February 22, 2015

Risk Taking Researcher (Robert Gibbs)

In parts 3 and 4 of the book I asked myself these questions, why are the people of this dystopia not allowed to talk to people of different jobs and genders, why does the council purposely ridicule and scold people who are more advanced in school? As I researched the novel i found the the council enforces this way of life that no one is more important because they are afraid of being overthrown by the people that chose to be individual. We can see clear example of there paranoia in part 2 of the book of anthem where they burn a man alive because he said I me or my. In the society they saw that the advancements the the individuals were far greater because they had multiple people working of different things and this led to war one side wanting what the other had so they made a society were they all worked on one thing to slow down progress. More over the council saw that if people have emotions for each other that can also cause feuds between people which causes conflict so the council prohibited the conversation between people of the opposite gender. On the same topic people of different jobs talking could stimulate progress that is uneven with the rest of the society making some jobs more stable or unstable. More over this connects to why the council would not want people to be advanced in school ad put less advanced people into more advanced jobs because they do not want progress. If they have people with more knowledge in the house of scholars then they will create more progress making people be stimulated to progress in society. Also it keeps people from being uneven so that no one is better then the other. Coming back if the house of scholar takes 1 year to discover electricity people will be amazed and want to help progress in this new branch of knowlege and creating problems because it becomes a competition between the people and the house of scholars.


  1. Robbie,
    Your thoughts on this post are very interesting. From the beginning I wondered how they selected the people in the house of scholars. This was because they are considered superior, something not allowed in this dystopia and to have this type of system is very contradicting. Also, the fact that the main character, who was very bright and knowledgable, was selected to be a street sweeper was very shocking. Now, I'm able to understand more deeply this type of society. They slow everything down on purpose. But I predict that The Golden One will change the main character's perspective of life.
    Great post!!

  2. I found the research very well made, and you brought up an important topic, of not being able to speak of some basic things. What I think of all this, is that the leaders of this dystopia want to keep order and by doing so they end up limiting the societies resources and their ability to gather information. The leaders manipulate the citizens, by limiting their resources, by the citizens not being able to reach out for information, and due to this, the citizens don't know much, and by not knowing much, they won't question much, and if they don't question life just goes on as it is, the leaders manipulating the citizens.

  3. Robbie,
    I really enjoyed your post and I think you did a really good job researching. I have one question for you. Don´t you think is controversial how this society is supposed to be all equal insomuch that you can not even talk singular, to put more or less advanced people in lower or higher categories or jobs? Isn´t it “discriminatory“? And coming back to the topic of this extreme communist society another question popped in my head. Do you think this is the “perfect“ society as some great thinkers have said before? Or should we find a better social structure that has more freedom? if so, how?
    Thanks Robbie,
    Good Job