Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Anthem - Blogpost #1 - Caroline Lopes - Part 1 and 2

On the begging of Anthem, part 1 and 2, I had a "flashback" of two books that I have read before that the scene reminded me of. One of the books was The Giver, because on part one in Anthem, the people are assigned jobs or "mission" that they were given to live, and the fact that in the book Anthem they call people by number, it makes the "place" they live in look more streaked. Another book that I remembered while reading Anthem is The City of Ember. The reason Anthem reminded me of that book is because there is a part in Anthem that they discover a tunnel and they study in there so I think that is related to The City of Ember because it is a underground world so the people have to work there.


  1. Caroline,
    I completely agree with you. In the past years we've read all these books about a kind of perfect society when actually they are a dystopia. They all have their own perspective on what is right and what is wrong based on their meaning of perfection. Overall, these three books, Anthem, The Giver and City of Ember, they seem very unrealistic to us because they are so different to what our world looks like today. To be honest, these cities sound horrible, and although our world might be worse it just doesn't seem like it to me. We are so used to the world we live in that we aren't aware of the flaws, just like the characters aren't until the end of the book.

  2. Caroline,
    I´ve personally read all this amazing books and you are completely right about them being connected. Do you think this idea of the “perfect“ society is exemplified in them? Or are them creating an idea even worse of what we already had? In my opinion these kind of societies would only bring more chaos to the world we already know. In conclusion we know that the man is lead to destroy himself in some way, right?