Sunday, November 16, 2014

Line Illuminator-Nico A

Anthem by Ayn Rand
Parts 11-12
Line Illuminator
Nicolas Afonso

On these pages of the book, you can see Equality-72521 transform his state of mind from a totalitarian way into a self centered brain.  His ideas and beliefs are all summed up by one word, one letter, I.  The lines I am about to talk about are more of the summary of the chapter, its tittle.  I am.  I think.  I will.  In these three sentences, all of his growing beliefs and doubts he has on his society all up until that moment is summarized.  He has now found individualism, and cares for himself, believes in himself, and wants to make himself better than the rest, if he already hasn't done so.  In the sentence I am, he is showing that he boasts about himself and knows he is better than the rest.  This has been shown as for when he speaks about how he was better, more curious, and was more intelligent than the rest in page 10 of Ibooks Edition.  Not only that, but you can also see his growing ego in page 97 of the Ibooks where he shows the lightbulb to the council and laughs about their stupidity and their fear of the bulb.  

Although this picture might seem to have no explanation,
allow me to explain.  The men ARE on the heavy side.
They THINK about getting abs, and the WILL (sort of).
Furthermore, in the sentence, "I think." he is showing that he has the power to explore new things and have curiosity.  He shows this on page 10 where Equality-72521 says he was usually punished because he asked too many questions, or when he found the tunnel that led him to his knowledge on page 30.  "I think" expresses that Equality-72521 has a mind of his own, and that his brain growth should not be controlled by society (They were controlling it).

Finally, "I will" adds to curiosity, and power.  Equality-72521 has the power to choose, and that he should not have his choices taken away by the government.  This is viewed on page 25 where Equality-72521 wants to be a an inventor, but is given street sweeper as a job.  You can also see his growth in the belief of power when he decides to go to the forest on page 99.  Not only that, but it can also be found on page 31 where he comes to the conclusion of leaving the secret tunnel hidden.

These three sentences hold the summary of Equality-72521's beliefs and new understanding of the world.  The lines may seem as not an important thing, but in fact, they symbolize the thoughts of Equality.


  1. Nico,
    I agree that that Equality 7-2521 does transform his state of mind. After he found out about the word 'I', he thought differently about his life. He cares about himself, and believes in himself like you mentioned. He now I think wants to explore more things, to have more power. He does have growth in the belief in power also like you said. Did you end up liking this book?

  2. Nico,

    I wholeheartedly agree that Prometheus transforms his state of mind. The character development present in Anthem was outstanding and what makes me even more impressed is the fact that this novel was merely 82 pages long. Chapter 11 was the best one in the book by far, because Prometheus really opened his eyes and started the new chapter of his life, one that was his, defined by him.

  3. Nico,

    I thought your representations were really… interesting. Nevertheless, to me, the first image was really was something. Even though they were only words, I could see something behind them. As I read along your post, I realized how the word "I" was not only a great concept in the book, but it was the roots to Equality 7-2521's beliefs and truths in the ending. In my opinion, more of the word itself, "I" taught him how to live individualized and not having to depend on someone. For example, people always had to depend on the Council because they knew if they would say the word "I", they would be severely executed or even killed. Therefore, Equality 7-2521 recreated an idea of man's freedom.

  4. Nico,
    Your synthesis and representation of the knowledge gained was great. You really defined and chiseled away at the things only hinted towards in the book. I agree with you on everything described up there, especially with the individualism and Equality's journey to finding it. I found your images very insightful, perhaps the first one more than the second, as the second one only really achieved to make me laugh. Anyways, great post Nico, really reflective on the book and going into detail in the parts that are needed.