Sunday, November 2, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Ivanna Hidalgo

Job: Illustrious Artist
Book: Anthem
Author: Ayn Rand
Week 4 - Parts 7 & 8

         To start of with, the main idea of this drawing shows how Equality 7-2521 is pleading for Collective 0-0009 to help him and his light invention. I chose this scene because I thought this chapter was more illustrative than informative. Specifically, I could taste Collective 0-009's rejection towards Equality 7-2521, and thought how perfectly illustrated this scene was. For example, I could really picture how Collective 0-0009 demanded for the box to be destroyed, in page 55. Secondly, the characters were drawn this way because this is the way I pictured them. With major reason, they are ordinary men; however, I illustrate them as "aliens" because they live in an utterly dystopian world. In my opinion, this world is abnormal and peculiar in a substandard sense. Now, these men, drawn as creatures, are drawn proportionally different based on the power they had. In other words, I drew Equality 7-2521 in a much smaller size because he appeared so scared, defenseless, and weak while he was debating Collective 0-0009. On the other hand, Collective 0-0009 was much bigger because they had the power to say no to the light and had many more people on their side. As another point, all characters maintain a face of unhappiness; although each character was representing a "type" of sadness. For instance, Equality 7-2521 is having a rejection type of unhappiness, while Collective 0-0009 is having an angry "type" of unhappiness. Thirdly, my drawing is colorless because it shows how all society has an issue against this world. I couldn't image how an individual could have been convinced that, specifically this life was fair. Finally, I chose this shading because it showed how dead the world was. Moreover, it showed how gray worlds could be.


  1. Ivanna,
    Your illustration shows great perspective, as with a detailed paragraph to explain it.

    At the beginning, I thought that the organisms living in this dystopian society were natural humans like our species. By looking at your drawing, I was able to find a different perspective about it, as you pictured them as aliens. I understand that the scholars are more powerful than a usual, abnormal street sweeper, but as shown in Anthem, Equality 7-2521 has great confidence in himself, and decides to call the scholars 'three-damned fools'. By doing this, he becomes an enemy, but still sticks to his 'selfish' manner.

  2. Ivanna,

    The description of our drawing was really well done!

    I really liked what you had to say regarding your artwork, however I'd like to ask why you only mentioned the scholar known as Collective 0-0000, as we saw in that scene during Chapter Seven of the novel, there were at least two other scholars that were present when Equality 7-2125 brought in the glass box that would "change the world". The scholar you mentioned, as I recalled stated that "What is not done collectively cannot be good." but, I do remember that there was another scholar that also provided an argument against the glass box, this one being that "What is not thought by all man cannot be true." So, is there a specific reason that you decided to only mention Collective 0-000?

  3. Ivanna,
    Your illustration was very good. I really liked how you described your picture in a detail way. Your illustration and statement really pushed my thinking forward. I liked how you represented the characters as 'aliens', I thought that was very creative. I also can't believe that they can convince people in this society that life is fair, because to me it clearly isn't. I would hate living in a society like this. Would you?